The house is divided into four independent structures that are clustered together like a tiny village

The living room setup is simple and takes advantage of the asymmetrical glass window which goes from top to bottom and splits the facade in a really cool way. The pitches roof is also asymmetrical and extends to one side to also incorporate a patio with steel columns and a concrete floor. This particular volume is pushed to the edge of the site where it’s closest to the sea and gets an amazing view.

The main living pod is clad in cedar wood and has an inviting interior
All the areas take advantage of the location and especially the views towards the sea
The site on which the house is built is partially made of hardened lava and is very close to the sea
Another structure houses the relaxation areas which are common for everyone while the other two volumes are the master suite and the guest area. They share similar designs and structures and have an eclectic aesthetic. Both modern and traditional design elements are balanced out throughout the spaces creating a very interesting effect. Furthermore, the overall disposition of the volumes allows this unconventional house to look expansive and to feel like it’s its own little village.
The interior is modern and colorful, with lots of textures and finishes mixed together
The four separate sections are surrounded by a big courtyard and have lots of outdoor features
The spaces are dispersed on a plot that’s covered in hardened lava and they’re surrounded by courtyards and a variety of outdoor-oriented features like the fire pit and a lovely koi pond. The interior has a stylish and modern aesthetic defined by simplicity but the materials, abstract wall paintings and all the finishes and colors help to create an eclectic and very welcoming ambiance with lot of character.
A series of thin steel column support the extended roof and form a covered patio just outside the main living area
A network of walkways go through the courtyard and connect all the volumes, giving easy access between them
By creating this division of the spaces each areas gets a unique view and perspective over the site
The design as a whole is eclectic and mixes together a series of modern and traditional influences
The windows are oddly-shaped and frame beautiful view of the courtyard, the other structures and the open sea
There’s a great feeling of openness and a lot of the spaces have an indoor-outdoor kind of vibe
There are two guest suites with cozy interiors and a separate master suite
The traditional materials and finishes add texture to the design and complement the modern design
All four volumes combined take full advantage of the site and its unique topography
More outdoor areas follow the slope and create additional gathering spaces