The penthouse spreads over 5 floors in total with large terraces and full-height windows

The natural site elevation gave the architects the opportunity to put a lot of emphasis on the beautiful views which can be admired from all five levels of this gorgeous penthouse/ private art gallery.

The entrance lobby is decorated with lots of brass details, LED accent lighting and a sophisticated palette of finishes in general

The team was also careful to preserve the views from the neighboring sites as well, avoiding making any modifications that would obstruct or diminish them in any way. As for this gorgeous penthouse, they gave it a terraced structure and deep overhangs, ultimately creating a structure that is able to blend into its natural surroundings and to take advantage of its location.

The interior as a whole has a very luxurious and sophisticated vibe without being overwhelmingly ornate

The main entrance into the building features a beautiful stone-clad reception area and a private lift leads up to a hallway and then a private lobby decorated with natural oak, brass accents and modern LED lighting. From there one gets to enter a double-height living area with an imposing bronze and glass staircase that offers access to the other floors.

Natural materials and soothing colors and finishes create a welcoming and enjoyable ambiance in the living area
A contemporary chandelier adds visual interest to the already stylish dining area
The penthouse doubles as a private art gallery for featured artists such asC hris Soal, Chris Soal and lexandra Karakashian. It’s a magnificent display of beautiful natural materials complemented by luxury, sophistication but also simplicity. Ultimately, the interior design is a stylish combination of modern and art deco influences with an emphasis on rich finishes, elegant colors and lots of custom furniture and decorations.
A contemporary fireplace highlighted by subtle LED lighting serves as a soothing focal point
All the materials and finishes were carefully chosen and go really well together
A sculptural staircase with stained glass balustrades connects the floors and creates an elegant circulation hub
The dining table is one of several custom furniture pieces featured throughout the penthouse
The custom furniture pieces are designed by OKHA and fits beautifully into this whole area
The master bedroom is large and spacious and features a green accent wall
Dark and faded shades of green are also featured in other forms throughout the interior
Beautiful natural wood is used extensively throughout the interior in combination with refined accent materials
Large windows strategically positioned throughout the penthouse offer each room a nice view
The master bathroom shares many similarities with the bedroom, featuring a refined and soothing decor
A sculptural washbasin and a set of cascading pendant lamps give this bathroom a very sophisticated look