At first it might seem like a very old house with aged exterior and a rather traditional look. However, in reality, the Reed residence is a contemporary building with a lovely design, both inside and out.

Another interesting thing about this house is that it’s not surprising but it also has an eco-friendly design. The Reed Residence was a project by Colorado-based studio Robert Hawkins Architects.

They created this beautiful mountain house using natural and traditional materials. The exterior is completely covered in wood. This creates a continuous and uniform look and also helps the house easily integrate into the landscape.

The wood creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and this is also one of the reasons why it was also extensively used for the interior.

The interior design of the Reed Residence is simple, casual and modern. The fact that almost everything is made of wood is a little surprising but overall it’s a very nice choice of materials.

The exposed beams from the ceilings are a beautiful detail and make the house seem very inviting, casual and relaxing. The color palette is neutral and based on tones of brown.

The house has multiple levels and an asymmetrical design. A beautiful detail is represented by the roof gardens covered with low-maintenance native plants.