Accent Wall
A rich, earthy green accent wall makes a statement without being flashy. Similarly hued fabrics carry the theme throughout the rest of the room.

Retro Kitchen
Pair pale green with other pastel shades for a retro look.

Green-Paneled Bathroom
Faux paneling brings a burst of spring green to this bathroom. The patterned wallpaper on the walls above echoes a crisscross garden gate.

Green Trim
A base of black, white, and neutral tones is enhanced with mint green walls and rich green trim. Subtle green stripes on the sofas bring everything together.

Garden Kitchen
Mossy green wallpaper, iron chairs, and fresh plants give this kitchen the feel of a quaint English garden.

Jungle Retreat
This gray, U-shaped window seat was given a tropical feel with botanical-print pillows and broad-leaf potted plants.

Bamboo Green
One way to try green without a lot of commitment — curtains. Here, bamboo green curtains gently enhance the natural tones of grass cloth walls and a faux sisal rug.