I have got to say, Darren Mortenson, the man behind this particular piece of theater magic, is a genius. It is designed to look like a sci-fi set and includes a bunch of cool little props and pieces of memorabilia. The project was put together on a reasonable budget. Looking through at the products in the component list, there is nothing there that is outlandishly expensive. The DIY aspect makes this project incredibly cool. You see people outsourcing this kind of thing all the time, but Mortenson did it himself and became a licensed CEDIA installer in the process.

The 159-inch screen ought to bring his favorite movies to the screen larger than life and I probably would debate never going to an actual movie theater again if I had this in my basement. Seriously, I would trade just about everything that I own for this guy’s basement. This may be the product of a crazy obsession, but it is a crazy obsession that I like.  A ton of pictures and the full specs of the system after the jump.

Equipment list and photographs courtesy of Electronic House:

  • Aura Pro-Bass Shakers (7)
  • B&W CC6 Front-Center Loudspeaker
  • B&W DM601 Rear-Center Loudspeakers (2)
  • B&W DM602 Main L/R Loudspeakers (2)
  • B&W DS6 Dipole Surround Loudspeakers (2)
  • B&W DS6 Dipole Surround Loudspeakers (2)
  • Berkline Cinema Collection 090 Seating w/Foot Lighting (7)
  • Da-Lite 159-inch Cosmopolitan Tensioned Screen
  • Hitachi 60SX10B 60-inch Rear Projection TV
  • JEC 7.5-inch Widescreen Color LCD
  • Lutron Lighting Control
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Microsoft Xbox HD DVD Player
  • Mitsubishi HD-5000 1080p Projector
  • Monster HTS-2600 Home Theater Reference Power Center
  • Motorola HD Digital Receiver
  • NHT MA-1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Panasonic DVD-CP72 DVD Changer
  • Philips Pronto Pro TSU6000 Remote
  • Rotel RB-1050 2-channel Amplifier
  • Rotel RMB-1075 5-channel Amplifier
  • Rotel RSP-1068 Digital Processor
  • SVS 20-39PC-Plus Subwoofer
  • Velodyne Servo F1200R Subwoofer
  • Wharfedale WH-2 Surround Loudspeakers (2)