Children don't need big bedrooms, and often it's the smaller rooms that can make the cosier, more inviting spaces – even more so for small people who can feel dwarfed in lofty bedrooms. So we've made an edit of gorgeous boy bedroom ideas for small rooms, to make every square inch count.

In the gallery below you'll find clever toy storage solutions, dreamy bunk beds designs, compact desk nooks for doing at homework at, plus gorgeous boy bedroom wallpaper ideas too.

1. Small but stylish

Interior designer Katharine Pooley transformed this former box room into a gorgeous boys' bedroom, where every square inch counts. The walls feature a fun Quentin Blake wallpaper design as well as a canvas print of TinTin, and an eye-catching aeroplane shelf (find a similar design at The furniture may be small, but every piece is beautiful – from the hand-painted side table (see Dragons of Walton Street for similar) to the upholstered single bed with personalised cushions. Even the floor and ceiling were incorporated into the scheme, featuring vintage aeroplane designs on both.


2. Under-bed space

Utilise the under-bed space with storage boxes, trundle storage, or even a pull-out bed for sleepovers.

Elaine Penhaul, director of professional home staging company Lemon and Lime Interiors says: "Storage is always an issue in small rooms, especially for a child when they have lots of belongings. The best way to utilise a small room is to buy a bed with storage underneath so you can keep toys and clothes in a space that would otherwise go to waste. Storage drawers or ottoman style beds are perfect for this as they create hidden pockets of storage without limiting space in the room. High level beds are also great and can create an extra element of fun by incorporating a creative theme, such as a pirate ship or a castle."


The room features a very neutral scheme. Fabric houseILIV suggest: "As children develop, their styles and identities develop too meaning their bedroom could need four or five restyles from toddler through to teens. Starting with a blank canvas is not only manageable but encourages creativity. Keep it simple by painting the walls a neutral tone and experiment using a selection of colourful bunting and wall art. Adding co-ordinating pillows will liven the room whilst keeping costs at bay, an achievable makeover which can be frequently mixed up."

3. Use the walls

Another great way to maximise space is to keep storage boxes on top of the wardrobes so that anything that isn’t used very often can be hidden away. You can also make the most of wall space by putting up shelving and display toys or books to transform the shelves into a decorative feature, or line with baskets and boxes to make the most of the space.

Here bespoke shelves were created to make the most of an awkward, angled wall and sloped ceiling. Now it's a space to display treasured books and toys.


Get the look: The Nottambule owl wallpaper border is from Cole & Son’s Fornasetti II collection. Check out Rowen & Wren for a similar rocking sheep.

Corners can be utilised too, and there are plenty of corner shelf options on the market, in various shapes and sizes.


4. Double up

For a kids bedroom design that's shared, bunk beds are ideal as they free up more floor space to play. We also love them for rooms that aren't shared, as it means there's always a bed ready for when they have a friend stay over.


5. Custom-made

Interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke created a wall of bunk beds in this long, narrow bedroom, incorporating steps, bookshelves and seating at the end of the beds.


There are little oak steps up to the top bunk, she's added a magnetic blackboard to the back of the little seating area and bookshelves above, all to add a little bit of fun. There are even little hidden doors under the steps for teddy bears to peek out from!


There was just enough width for a custom-built desk to seat two.


6. Four in a bed

If you thought that was impressive, this long and narrow room manages to squeeze in four beds – stylishly done by interior designer Katharine Pooley, featuring upholstered headboards, rounded barriers and a ladder rail, with wall-to-wall storage opposite, and a sweet window seat at the end. Not an inch of wasted space in this small room!


7. Use every corner

Clever bespoke bookshelves by Blakes London make the most of an awkward sloped ceiling.


8. Pegboard wall

The pegboard wall is the key feature in this boys' bedroom, and was inspired by a shop design. It's a clever, space-saving way of displaying favourite items.


9. Book ledge

Shallow book ledges instead of shelves are a great way of displaying childrens books; they don't protrude as much, plus it gives the child the chance to see the book covers, making it easier to pick a story at bedtime. Meanwhile the wall to the right perfectly illustrates how a peg board creates a handy place to store super hero outfits.


10. Storage

Last but not least, small bedrooms are all about storage, storage, and more storage. This bedroom design may be simple, but furniture was chosen to maximise storage available to keep clutter at bay; a stacking storage trunk doubles up as a bedside table, while a triple stacking trunk is perfect for throwing soft toys into. When you eventually run out of storage space, you can buy another row and just keep stacking as they grow!