In 2020, our homes became all-encompassing hubs where we work, learn, eat, exercise, and unwind. How our homes make us feel matters more than ever, and color plays a huge role. As a new year approaches, colors that encourage comfort and wellbeing will be at the forefront, and Behr's Color Trends 2021 Palette has all the tranquil shades you'll need to stay grounded.

Designed around the concept of "elevated comfort," the palette features 21 colors, including warm neutrals, soft pastels, and bold, saturated hues. "This has been a year of unpredictability and 2020 has significantly changed our relationship with our home," said Erika Woelfel, vice president of color at Behr, in a press release. "When our color team began exploring a palette for the coming year, we knew it needed to be grounded in what we've been craving: comfort and personalization."

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The cozy colors are organized into six distinctive themes, each evoking a different design style or mood, but you can easily mix-and-match colors across the entire palette. Available exclusively at The Home Depot, the paint colors are ideal for DIY projects both indoors and out. Check out Behr's 2021 color trend predictions, below, to start planning your home refresh for the coming year.

Calm Zone

Soft blues and greens offer a soothing atmosphere in bedrooms and living areas. The watery, natural colors of Behr's Calm Zone are intended to create serene, restful spaces. Try the well-worn denim color of Jean Jacket Blue S510-4 on walls in your home office to encourage focus.

Casual Comfort

A riff on farmhouse style, this color theme is dominated by cozy neutrals. The warm tones include a rich earthy tan called Sierra N240-4 and a versatile off-white Almond Wisp PPU5-12. Incorporate these colors into your entryway or kitchen for an inviting, casual feel.

Optimistic View

This collection of eclectic colors is guaranteed to brighten any room. The bold shades of mustard yellow, red, eggplant, and teal are perfect for globally-inspired interiors or high-energy spaces like kids' rooms and kitchens. Temper rich colors like Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25 or Saffron Strands PPU6-02 with a classic neutral such as Smoky White BWC-13 for balance.

Outdoor Escape

This 2021 Behr color theme makes updating your exterior so simple. The collection of no-fail exterior colors includes muted versions of favorites, including blue, yellow, and gray. Splash a shade like Cellini Gold HDC-CL-18 on your front door or shutters for easy curb appeal.

Quiet Haven

Rich, saturated colors have a grounding effect in homes. The Quiet Haven theme evokes a sense of comfort with colors that are dark, moody, and pulled straight from nature. Choose a verdant shade of forest green called Royal Orchard PPU11-01 to wrap your living or sleeping space in luxurious comfort.

Subtle Focus

The pale pastel shades of Behr's Subtle Focus theme set a playful yet sophisticated tone. Lightened-up shades of bright colors, such as the blush pink Seaside Villa S190-1 and minty Wishful Green M410-2, were selected as a modern take on Art Deco design. Use them to refresh walls or furniture pieces for subtle color.