The one I am referring to this time is only 5 minutes-away form Balnarring Beach,Australia. It is not very close, but it is definitely the kind of house all people like from the first moment they see it. It is large enough for an entire family and for the friends who come over from time to time.

It is a good example of modernity and elegance, simplicity and luxury, good taste and personality at the same time. In a wide-open space, every piece is so appropriate, that the entire picture seems to be unreal, to goo to be true. There is such a welcoming air, that you feel the need to take a deep breath and enjoy every moment spent here as much as possible.

Simon Couchman Architects are responsible for the success of this house, which does not seem to have any fault, on the contrary. The bathroom is only an example of good taste, high quality and elegance. The living room in the picture seems to belong to another world, one in which every detail matters and every color contributes to the positive mood anyone has during the stay here. Balnarring house is definitely the kind of home we see in magazines and dream to have.{pics by Christine Francis and found on archdaily}