Pergola Attached to House

Pergolas typically stand on four posts, but an attached design can save space and materials by using your home for support. Securing a pergola directly to the house provides support for that side of the structure, which means only two posts are needed in most cases. However, heavy materials or large structures might call for additional posts for more reinforcement. It's also important to note that the outer posts transfer the weight of the overhead frame onto the deck, so they should be positioned directly above footings or beams.

Attached Pergola Design Ideas

To make a new attached pergola blend with an existing home, choose a complementary style and color scheme. With stately columns and crisp white paint to match the house trim, this pergola caps a brick patio along the front of the home. Along with the surrounding trees, the attached pergola filters the sun streaming into the large windows.

DIY Attached Pergola

A DIY attached pergola brings shade and structure to a backyard deck that was previously completely exposed. Secured to the side of the house for support, the pergola features angled slats that shield the seating area during peak sunlight hours. The structure's streamlined style complements the deck's modern patio furniture and wood-paneled accent wall.

Simple Deck Pergola

A simple pergola attached to this deck makes the otherwise ordinary outdoor space special. It adds structure and prominence to the upper-level area while providing space to display hanging baskets. Adjustable shades mounted to the beams offer the flexibility to enjoy full or partial shade.

Traditional Attached Pergola

An attached pergola serves as the perfect transition between a home and its landscape. Here, a pergola off the home's rear exterior provides a fitting backdrop for the traditional home and pristine backyard. The structure surrounds a large brick fireplace to create a cozy outdoor room.

Attached Pergola Over Patio

An attached pergola extends living space into the yard and serves as a graceful transition between outdoors and indoors. As this pergola illustrates, the suggestion of shelter is sometimes an effective substitute for actual walls and a roof. By defining this patio area, the pergola and planters create the effect of an outdoor room. The overhead framing also provides welcome shade for the large windows.

Two-Tier Attached Pergola

Attached pergolas provide opportunities to add structure and interest to your outdoor space. Consider adding a second tier, such as the one shown here, for interest rather than strength. The extra layer also creates another layer of shade and produces interesting shadows.

Attached Pergola with Roof

An attached pergola connects distinct outdoor and indoor spaces. This pergola unites what could otherwise be a patchwork arrangement of a dining area, entries, and an outdoor cooking area. The attached pergola's roof provides shelter from rain for the dining table.

Over-the-Door Attached Pergola

Consider an over-the-door attached pergola to add architectural interest to a traditional, formal home exterior. This one features elaborate curved braces, scrollwork on the beams and joists, and a subtle two-tone color scheme. The heft of the end brackets and crossbeam ensures plenty of strength to support the upper assembly and makes a bold architectural statement that's appropriate for the scale of the home.