The loungeboat is a joint creation by German architect couple, Tanja Wunderlich-Finckh and Chris Finckh, born from their love of the water. They set out to design an apartment on the water with a creative floor plan and materials not typically found on a boat and the result is a floating retreat that hits both their design style and required functionality.


Originally the couple searched around to find what they were looking for but when they came up with nothing, they jumped into design mode.







The exterior is mostly clad in an opaque outer shell with glass panels making up the rest. When light bounces off of the water, the glass reflects the light and mood of the water into the interior, while also keeping it filled with natural light during the daytime.



The front room, surrounded by glass on three sides, offers up 180-degree views of the ever-changing landscape outside.



The interior is considered one room that can be divided up into four spaces by four doors to create the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling curtains offer privacy and sun protection depending on the couple’s needs.





In addition to the deck space on the back and front of the houseboat, the roof doubles as a terrace with tons of seating.


The couple originally designed loungeboat for themselves but decided to also become a small boat manufacturer so they’re available for purchase now on Their loungeboat is located in Werder (Havel), Germany and is available for visits, filming, photo shoots, and testing out.