Located in Bastrop County about 30 minutes from Austin, this boutique retreat was crafted to provide a space for free spirits, artists, and families to connect with one another while being surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature.

Available to rent through Airbnb, Green Acres’ yurts are hidden away in a quiet wooded area just outside of Austin, Texas. The campsite takes glamping to a whole new level with roaming animals and numerous activities.

It all began when a family of four left their Los Angeles lives in search of a more quiet, sustainable way of being. Making up the husband-and-wife team behind the space, Brandon comes from a background of film writing and directing, while Kirsten runs Raven+Lily, an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand. Today, they live with their kids on the Green Acres property in a renovated 1955 Spartan Mansion trailer, while their 15-year-old son actually has his own Airstream from 1967.

The Schulman yurt fits three adults with a queen bed and a pull-away bed. It comes with heating and bath essentials.

Visitors can embrace a nature-filled, small-space way of living by renting one of their two yurts through Airbnb for less than 200 dollars per night. Additionally, you can reserve the space for gatherings of up to 30 guests including dinner parties, small weddings, and outdoor film screenings. Alongside the yurts, the land includes a classic communal barn with an open-air kitchen, modern bathhouse, corral fire pit, and a number of miniature donkeys and alpacas that wander around freely. In addition to being surrounded by endless wooded trails, the plot includes an outdoor sound system, ping-pong table, hammocks, horseshoes, grill, trampoline, and a half-pipe skate ramp. Kirsten and Brandon also just added 10 beehives and four chickens to the family.

Also available is the Marrakech yurt, which fits two adults with a queen bed and a blow up bed.

Both yurts are completely furnished with everything you’ll need including welcoming furniture and warm, comfortable textures.

Whether you’re renting a yurt or hosting a small gathering, you’ll have access to a modern bathhouse with a full private shower room, a separate toilet, and a washer/dryer.

Miniature donkeys and alpacas roam the land freely.

A corral fire pit brings everyone together, whether it’s to roast marshmallows or listen to some acoustic tunes.

In the open communal barn, the resident family often hosts dinner parties to be enjoyed alfresco with a four-course meal.