The three Uni Villas that Studio Puisto Architects designed in collaboration with nature tourism entrepreneur Kari Vainio are wrapped in vertical cross-laminated timber that blends with the wooded Finnish landscape. "The cladding is treated with a breathable and ecological dark oil stain that creates uniformity with the environment," says architect Sami Logren.

The lakefront villas that Studio Puisto Architects designed for the Uni Resort in Finland are wrapped in cross-laminated timber boards that mimic the tree trunks in the surrounding forest.

In devising the prefabricated modular villas in Finland’s Kytäjä Golf area, Studio Puisto Architects and Vainio realized a long-standing aspiration. "It was our dream to make it easier for anyone and everyone to access nature in a sustainable way," Logren says. As such, the team decided to employ uni-the Finnish word for "dream"-for the name of the modular villas, as well as the eponymous micro resort.

The low-impact, sustainable prefabricated modular villas were designed to integrate with nature.

Each of the units within the three Uni Villas features a view of the water.

Each 1,205-square foot Uni Villa contains two studio units and a larger suite, which join together to form a U-shape. According to Logren, this layout creates a more compact footprint, and also helps to prioritize guests’ privacy, as well as in-room views of the surrounding lakefront. "The shape allows each unit to have a private view from the outdoor terrace or balcony," the architect says. "It’s also quite effective when it comes to land use."

The prefabricated villas rest on compact foundations that were designed to limit environmental impact.

Each Uni Villa is made up of three prefabricated modules that join together in a U-shape. This layout helps facilitate privacy for guests while maintaining in-room views of the landscape.

The walls, floors, and ceilings in the studio units feature pale wood finishes.

Oak furnishings with simple silhouettes create a spacious feeling in the studio units and also let the views take the spotlight.

The bathrooms are outfitted with gray, stone-like tiles that reference the outdoors.

Each unit was prefabricated off-site, then transported on the back of a standard truck and delivered to the site with ready-made furniture. The architects’ goal for the Uni Villas was to provide accessibility to nature without disrupting it. "Sustainability and a low environmental impact are key values in our design process," Logren says. "These values correlate with the current state of how people want to connect with nature to gain calm."

The suites feature darker tones and a variety of textures that provide warmth and richness.

Dark tones and sumptuous fabrics create a luxurious feeling in the suite bedrooms.

In each of the suites, a wall separates the bedroom from the closet area.

In an effort to facilitate a soothing atmosphere, the interiors are decked with rich textures and a subdued palette. In the studio units, light-toned natural wood finishes provide a fresh aesthetic, while darker wood tones and textiles provide a feeling of warmth in the suites. Gray tiles with a stone-like, matte finish lend a sense of serenity in the bathrooms.

Each of the three suites includes a sauna, which is a substantial part of Finnish culture.

"Nature and well-being are key elements in all of our designs," Logren explains. "Above all, we wanted to create a design that fits with its surroundings in a harmonious way."

"Stepping inside a Uni Villa is like entering your own cozy hut with complete privacy and magnificent views," the architect continues. "The villas can also function as a tiny village where families and groups can spend quality time together."

The U-shaped villas are carefully arranged among the trees and near the lakefront so that nature is the primary focus for guests at the micro resort.

A peek at the Uni Villas floor plan by Studio Puisto Architects.