We’re looking at a wonderful creation of architecture studio Olson Kundig who worked on this project back in 2018. It’s a gorgeous private residence located in West Hollywood, US. The site is absolutely spectacular, offering splendid views of Los Angeles with its beautiful skyline, of the mountains and of the ocean. These views stood at the core of the design for this house.

The lower level of the house is dedicated to the owner’s personal interesting and includes a car gallery

The building is three levels tall and is defined a clean, simple and modern overall aesthetic. Concrete, glass and metal were used extensively throughout the house and give it a modern-industrial aesthetic but the architects made sure to make everything look refined and elegant.

On the outside the house has a simple yet striking geometry reflected by the juxtaposition of these volumes

They also focused a lot on the connection between the house and its immediate and distant surroundings. One of the main objectives was to offer panoramic views from all parts of the house and all levels. Another one was to seamlessly extend the indoor spaces onto a series of large terraces and other outdoor areas and to blur the boundaries between the interior and the outside.

A series of transitional spaces such as this one help to blur the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor
The car gallery is nicely integrated into the big and open floor plan of the lower level
Each of the three levels serves a separate function. The middle one is the main floor and houses the social areas. This is where the kitchen, dining room and living area are situated. The dining room leads outside onto a beautiful terrace with an infinity edge pool and a stunning view of the L.A. skyline. The private rooms are placed on the upper floor.
Transparent glass railings around the terrace ensure an unobstructed view of the city and the surroundings
A series of sliding window walls allow the upstairs areas to become fully open
The master bedroom has a beautiful panorama and there’s also a home gym and access to the rooftop deck. The lower level is partially occupied by a big auto gallery and there’s also a game room and a media room. This is the more fun and recreational part of the house. It too enjoys a close connection to the outdoors and has access to a big terrace that extends over the hillside.
The living and dining area transition outside onto a series of terraces such as tis one
The infinity edge pool has a sweeping over Los Angeles which looks spectacular at night
There’s a magnificent views from every side and corner of the house
Full-height windows and glass walls turn the master bathroom into a relaxing luxury spa
The main floor has sliding walls and pivot windows which bring the outdoors in
The main entrance is marked by bright red walls which add a modern dynamic to the facade
This modern and open design paired with these spectacular views make living here feel like an outdoor adventure
The master bedroom has quite possibly the best view in the house
The terrace and the pool are cantilevered over the hillside