One of the latest ones is this amazing Gooseneck trailer home designed and built by studio Liberation Tiny Homes. Its overall dimensions are 40′ x 10′ x 13’6” and inside there’s a total of 400 square feet of living space.

The Gooseneck tiny home on wheels has a very simple and clean design on the outside, with an almost flat roof and white facades

Like with most of these sort of houses, it’s not about how much space is available but rather how it’s being utilized. First of all, we love how fresh and welcoming the interior is in this case. It really feels like a home. There are double entryway French doors with a beautiful mahogany finish that lead straight into the living room. In here there’s a cozy seating area and the kitchen is a part of it as well.

The roof is made of galvanized metal and has a barely noticeable pitch for added character
The interior has a farmhouse-style vibe and feels fresh bright and open
This tiny home has a full kitchen with beautiful custom cabinetry, concrete countertops and a farmhouse design that also defines the rest of the spaces. A particularly lovely feature is the breakfast table which can be easily folded down for convenience when it’s not needed. The table is placed in front of a window and gets a nice view outside. At the end of the trailer, there’s a bathroom that features a sliding barn door.
The kitchen has a window in front of the sink, for a nice view and natural light
A small fold-down table is also cleverly placed in front of a window
It’s spacious and very cleverly designed, with room for a washer and dryer and a separate toilet closet for privacy and more flexibility overall. A set of stairs with built-in storage drawers into the steps leads up to the bedroom which is a full room that you can stand up in, with built-in shelves and closet space, wooden beams on the ceiling and windows that let in natural light. Overall, this is an amazing tiny house with a really clever and user-friendly design inside and out.
The bathroom is hidden behind a wooden barn door that’s both beautiful and space-efficient
Access to the bedroom is through the storage stairs on the left side of the bathroom
The kitchen is well-equipped and has generous storage as well as a farmhouse sink
Open shelves fill in the little open spaces in the kitchen, maximizing its storage capacity
The tall vertical windows are paired in sets of three on this side which gives this tiny house a distinguished look