This is a house in Tân Thới Nhất, in Vietnam. It was designed in 2019 and it’s located nowhere near a public park so the owners wanted to have their own private botanical garden that they can enjoy any time they want. It was up to studio MDA Architecture to find a way to make that happen.

There’s also quite a bit of greenery inside the house, sprinkled around each and every room
The design direction in this case is a very interesting and very refreshing and inspiring one. That’s because what really brings this place to life and makes it stand is the amazing amount of greenery and vegetation that surrounds it on all sides.
The architects wanted to address the very inefficient way in which the roofs of most city buildings are used. As such, they turned the roof of this amazing house into a green park. They created these beautiful balconies filled with potted plants, area where vegetables and plants can be grown for consumption and spaces where the owners can enjoy the shade offered by the trees.
There’s big hanging planters up on the walls, cascading over the staircases
The red bricks also make an appearance inside in the form of beautiful accent walls and little decorations
The perimeter around the house is also surrounded by tree and vegetation planted along a tall fence
The interior is structured into multiple levels connected by staircases, each with a twist and a unique layout
It’s a whole different world on top of this house, a beautiful green custom biome that adds color and beauty to the city around it. The owners can come up here to enjoy their morning coffee and the sunlight, to exercise or just to relax in the middle of this beautiful garden.
The red bricks used for the top section of the building go really well with the greenery and add a nice touch to the design of the house. There’s also one more advantage that this unique design provides: privacy.
Some of the internal volumes resemble floating boxes, adding a sculptural look to the house
These concrete stairs connect the balconies and rooftop garden areas
The trees and the greenery give this house a lot of character