The bathroom is one of the important rooms that must be in a house. Currently, there are so many bathroom models that you can choose from. Besides having to be clean, the bathroom design can also create a comfortable and calming atmosphere for the owner.

The touch of wood elements in a minimalist bathroom is able to bring an atmosphere closer to nature in real. However, the use of wood materials is sometimes considered risky because considering the damp conditions in the bathroom can damage the wood. No need to worry, there are special tricks to treat wood materials in the bathroom, especially on the floor.

The Following Are 8 Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas With Wooden Floor That More Cool

One of the most unexpected materials that can be used for your bathroom floor is wood. although many people think that wood is a material that is not moisture resistant, let alone water, using wood floors will make the bathroom more attractive.

Bathroom floors are more than just interior inspiration for the room. As well as the design and price, you have to take into account moisture, dirt, mud, soap scum and the risk of mildew. Choosing the type of wood flooring must be durable and resistant to moisture.

Wood may sound awkward as a bathroom flooring material, but there are special types of wood that are designed to hold water better than regular wood. Special wood floors aka engineered wood will create an elegant bathroom appearance.

Although this wood has a quality suitable for a bathroom, this material is still wood. If you put it in the bathroom that gets wet a lot, you will still have to replace it sometime in the future. The solution is to install wooden floors in bathroom areas that rarely get wet, for example in the bathtub area.

You can choose a laminate wood floor which is more appropriate if you want a wooden floor for the bathroom. This floor consists of a base in the form of wood chips, with a coating such as laminate paper that is injected with resin and has a wood-like pattern. This floor gives a luxurious look like wood at a lower price.

You need to choose the type of wood material that suits you best for inspiration for the bathroom interior at home to make it cooler, especially because the bathroom is often wet.

The disadvantage of using wooden floors is the repair method. When the bottom has absorbed too much water, the wood chips will expand and have to be completely removed.

In today’s modern era, the use of wood elements is not only in cottages. Even today, many bathroom designs make wood the main floor. Besides giving a cool appearance it also makes the bathroom warmer.

Hopefully, this idea can be an inspiration to create new nuances in your bathroom.