The challenge is how to synchronize the exterior design with the interior. Both room designs certainly support each other to create a comfortable dream home.

The outside of the house is usually inseparable from the elements of the park, terrace, fence, and facade. All elements will come together to produce an attractive exterior appearance. However, unlike interior, material and exterior maintenance require more energy and costs. Exterior materials in outside areas need to consider whether factors, such as solar lighting and air conditions. Well in this article I will provide the home exterior design as inspiration for you.

The following are many home exterior designs:

The exterior design of this house has a very attractive appearance, equipped with the 2nd floor in this house. This house has stairs to support the house.

With stone, materials make this house has an extraordinary beauty, equipped with lighting that will make you want to own the house. Not only that, with the decoration of plants increasingly beautify this house.

The first thing that immediately caught attention when seeing this dwelling was black on the walls and roof of the dwelling. The combination of black and white, as well as providing golden yellow lighting coming out of the window, managed to give the impression of elegance. In addition, this house has a place that can be lived on the home page.

The use of large glass walls as part of a minimalist home exterior design like this brings several benefits at once. On one side, the glass wall allows sunlight to enter freely. Another benefit is that the owner can enjoy the scenery outside the house more freely.

There is no rule that states that the minimalist home exterior style must be similar to each other. This is clearly seen in the exterior design of this house. The terrace supporting the wall and one side of the facade of the front wall of the house, designed with a certain slope that managed to provide a truly unique look

Wood and natural stone materials are identical to the house concept with nature. Natural stone is used as a wall on the ground floor. While the second floor uses wood as the main material for the walls. Avoid the look of a warm and comfortable dwelling and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

What happens if a box is placed transversely in another box? Minimalist home exterior design this one is trying to apply the concept in real life. The result is a display that is able to attract the attention of every eye. The use of contrasting black color adds to the charm of this residence.