Are your kitchen cabinets overflowing with junk? Are you ready to transform your space with plenty of clever decluttering solutions? Here at Housetohome we’ve come up with a few tried and tested ways of sorting out your kitchen for good.

1. Hang it up

Hang aprons, oven gloves, and tea towels on wall mounted pegs within reach of your cooking area. If you have space above your cooker or kitchen island hang a pot rack, it a great way to free up the bulky items from your kitchen cabinets.

2. Store by use

Sort and store items by frequency of use. Place your salt and pepper shaker close by at the front of the cupboard and your other spices further at the back. This principle works well for your worktop too. Keep your kettle close to hand as you’ll be using it often and place your blender further down the worktop.


3. Stack ‘em high

Store open plastic containers inside one another and keep lids close by. It’s much easier to keep the lids separate.


4. Clever hidden storage

If you’re planning a new kitchen think about clever storage. Trays that fit neatly into the nooks and crannies of your kitchen are ideal or pull-out storage that packs in plenty more stuff that regular cupboards are great examples. Alternatively, go for a freestanding unit with intelligent design features built in.


5. Open shelving is your friend

Run out of cupboard space? Don’t worry, open shelving is the best option for overflowing cabinets. You can stack cups and plates on top of each other to make a pretty display. It’s bang on trend, too.


6. Curtain call

Placing all your unsightly items behind a curtain is an easy, no-brainer solution to dealing with kitchen clutter. It works well if you want to disguise appliances and gives your space a pretty, country-style vibe.


7. Store items upright

Got plenty of drawers in your kitchen? Storing items upright can make things a lot neater. Label the lids to make things easy to find.