This Spanish Revival estate in Pasadena, California combines modern garden ideas with a traditional style; the effect is both smart and effortless. The three-bedroom, four-bathroom house offers a luxurious, contemporary decor throughout, but it's the expansive outdoor area that's the star of the show. If we were designing an outdoor space around a swimming pool, here are the styling tips we'd take from this stunning estate.

1. More is more when it comes to an outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace presents the perfect opportunity for creating a one-of-a-kind statement ceterpiece in your backyard, and, as this magnificent structure proves, the larger it is the more impactful the design will be. This outdoor fireplace creates a separate lounging zone with a contemporary look. Despite its large size, it would work equally well as part of small garden ideas. Even better, you wouldn't need any garden ornaments with a standout piece like this one.

2. Poolside landscaping makes all the difference

A swimming pool is many a home owner's dream, but what makes a poolside area look truly great is actually not the pool itself – it's the landscaping around it. The luscious, tropical planting scheme cuts into the pool, creating an intimate, jungle-like look. Again, more is definitely more here: the plants look like they're about to spill out into the poolside area, which must make swimming in this pool even more pleasant.

3. Sun protection can look good too

A terrace connected to one of the bedrooms has an extensive canopy for providing shade, and it is part of the design of the terrace rather than a merely functional element. The exposed frames of the awning create a graphic, edgy look that's mroe interesting than just installing outdoor parasols.

4. Lawns are the new patios

If you've seen enough patio ideas with paving slabs, then it may be time to think about a more informal style with grass. Nothing really compares to the feel of real grass under your feet, and a lawn patch instead of paving automatically creates a more leisurely look. As this zone of the Pasadena estate shows, the grass has to be very well maintained and impeccably trimmed for the look to work.

5. Continuous flooring will enhance the indoors

If you're looking to learn how to bring the outdoors in, always start with flooring. In fact, you may well find that that's the only thing you need to to to create that coveted indoor-outdoor effect. The terracotta tile used throughout the outdoor and indoor areas of the Pasadena estate supports its Spanish Revival style, but it also sends a signal about how this home is to be used. Go for a swim, it says, and then wander back in for a snack or a midday siesta. It's about not needing to worry about spoiling fancy flooring and creating a space that's fully connected to its surrounding landscape.