There's something really wonderful about plopping down in a worn Chesterfield or tailored leather recliner at day's end. Maybe you're going to watch your favorite show or sporting event, or maybe you're catching up on some reading with a new book or tablet. Whatever the situation, here are five different ideas for incorporating durable and comfortable leather furniture into your home.

Light Layers

Traditional leather sofas are dark by nature so layer them with cream, pastel, or white accent pillows and throw blankets. Pull in other pale accents like area rugs and accessories to bounce light around the room and also add desirable contrast. Situating the couch near a large window also lets light into the room-just make sure your furniture is fade-resistant.

Painted Balance

Balance the visual weight of brown or black leather furnishings by incorporating painted walls, furniture, and textiles. This eye-catching green wall and mirror, for example, bring color and interest to a cozy reading nook. Natural elements, like fresh flowers and a driftwood lamp, complement the leather's smooth grain.

Essential Accent

If you're wary of purchasing a matching set of leather sofas for fear they may dominate your space, consider as an alternative smaller pieces as part of the room's design. An ottoman, footstool, or accent chair will provide the benefits of leather yet lend a collected feel to a space where fabrics cover other upholstered pieces. In this space, both solid and striped fabrics complement a leather stool and cow-skin rug.

Style, Meet Function

Leather is a stylish and family friendly choice for dining rooms or kitchens. It's sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, this tanned leather adds a contemporary vibe to a space that's designed with traditional or cottage elements.

Color Pop

Leather isn't a neutral hide anymore, many home decor retailers offer leather dyed in shades from yellow to blue to green. This yellow wingback chair is the perfect punctuation to a modern living room with a white backdrop. Look for ottomans, settees, or chairs at various retailers in similar vivid hues to achieve the same impact.