Pot Rack Ideas

Pot racks can be used to store cookware of various shapes and sizes, as well as smaller tools and utensils like strainers, spatulas, and spoons. It's generally best to place a pot rack near the range, as that's where you do most of the cooking. Utilize wall space above and around the stovetop to ensure all the essentials are easily within reach.

Sturdy Pot Rack Ideas

Heavy pots and pans require sturdy support. For extra security, try mounting a metal rack directly to a ceiling beam instead of through drywall. This pot rack idea works well for holding a large collection of cookware or weighty items like cast-iron skillets.

Pegboard Pot Rack

For a nontraditional pot rack, hang baking essentials from hooks on a pegboard on one wall of the kitchen. Hang pots and pans along with scissors, whisks, spatulas, and other cooking utensils. By placing both cookware and utensils on the wall, everything needed to prepare a meal can be found in the same spot.

Small Pot Rack

A small pot rack lets you add storage within a tight space. This hanging rack is a perfect fit above the range in a galley kitchen. The hooks can be moved around easily on the cabinet-mounted rack, enabling different arrangements depending on the number of pots. The rack's brass finish matches the cabinetry hardware and a nearby dining set.

Pot Rack Near the Range

A pot rack mounted directly to the range hood keeps cookware exactly where it's needed. Just make sure the rack is high enough that you won't bump your head on pots while cooking. Or hang smaller pans that are easy to push out of the way if needed. Here, stainless-steel pots and pans coordinate with the finish of the range and hood, tying the kitchen together.

Wall Pot Racks

A wall pot rack can be more practical than a hanging version if you'd rather not make your cookware the visual centerpiece of your kitchen. Here, three wall-mounted racks provide storage for a collection of copper cookware. Customize the height of the racks to accommodate pans of varying sizes.

Stylish Pot Racks

Pot racks come in a variety of sizes and mounting capabilities. This simple metal pot rack can store up to 12 pots and pans. The ceiling-mounted rack hangs above a prep station near the range, providing easy access while cooking. Additionally, the pot rack frees up cabinet space so there is more room to store other kitchen appliances and dinnerware.

Pot Rack Ideas for Utensils

Beyond cookware, pot racks can supply handy storage for frequently used cooking utensils. Attach small racks to the walls around the stove and use them to hold spoons, spatulas, and more. Hang utensils with curved handles directly on the rack, or use S hooks to hang utensils through holes at the ends.

Pot Rack as Window Treatment

This unique pot rack stands in place of curtains in this kitchen. Mounted across the window, the rack pairs with open shelving to provide storage space for dishware. Various pots and pans hang above and still allow for an excellent view out of the window when cooking or cleaning. Pots in place of fabric as the kitchen drapery add a distinguishing look that enhances the character of the room.

Decorative Pot Rack Ideas

Pot racks serve as functional storage and a decorative element in kitchens. Use them to show off your best-looking cookware or a collection of vintage kitchen items. Display the rack prominently on a wall or from the ceiling to give your kitchen a striking focal point.

Pantry Pot Rack Ideas

Pot racks can also help boost pantry organization by adding storage space for cookware on walls or the ceiling. Reserve racks in the pantry for pieces you use less frequently. Your everyday pots and pans should be stored closer to the cooking zone for convenience.

Accessible Pot Rack Storage

When cabinet space is limited, a pot rack is ideal for cookware and utensil storage. This open storage solution makes items easily accessible, as well as simple to put away. Using a pot rack eliminates the challenge of looking for cabinet or drawer space where pots and pans can be stored after cleanup. To make your pot rack more aesthetically pleasing, reserve that space for pots, pans, and other tools with matching finishes.

Hanging Pot Racks

A hanging pot rack can take the place of a chandelier as the focal point of a kitchen. Choose a shape and style that draws attention overhead and matches the overall style of the space. This metal pot rack features scrolled details and a dark bronze finish that coordinates with the casual country style of the kitchen.

Pot Rack Over Island

Hanging a pot rack over the island puts cookware in the center of the room, making it easily accessible for both cooking and cleaning. This pot rack idea generally works best in kitchens with high ceilings. If your island is particularly large, make sure the pot rack is positioned so it's easily within reach from one or more sides. You shouldn't need to lean too far over the countertop in order to reach the pan you need.

Backsplash Pot Rack Ideas

Make the most of limited space in a small kitchen by taking advantage of bare walls under cabinets. Copper cookware hangs from S hooks on a backsplash rail, offering convenience and style. The copper pots and pans bring a cohesive element to the room that an array of different colors would not. The smart use of empty wall space opens room in the cabinets to store other cooking essentials.