Gaining popularity in the ’60s, this plush lounger provides serious support to your joints and is an excellent addition to your home. The original Sacco design was released in 1969, but the versatile chair has since been redesigned to flatter the modern lifestyle and latest trends. From the home cinema to working at home, there are so many ways you can unwind and sit in pure luxury. Get ready for the comfiest sit of your life, with these best bean bag chairs for total relaxation.

1. Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa Bean Bag Chair Set

Relaxation is only a seat away with this contemporary bean bag set by Ambient Lounge. From a home cinema to the living room, you can enjoy pure comfort for hours on end. The stylish design can instantly elevate your home decor, and the matching table and ottoman make for the perfect living set. With a wide variety of colors and textures to match your style, you can find something perfect for you. Why settle for traditional furniture, when you can be sitting on a cloud?

2. Ambient Lounge Avatar Bean Bag Chair

The Ambient Avatar Lounger with USA-made Sunbrella fabric is the perfect option for those who are interested in supporting their full body after a long day. The twin compartments and elastic structure will keep your back and legs in total comfort without losing its shape. Unlike traditional bean bags, this curved design will easily contour with your natural sitting position. You can enjoy this all-weather bean bag in the living room, by the pool, or in your bedroom – the options are unlimited, and the relaxation you’ll feel is endless.

3. Bliss Circular Bean Bag Chair

Let this bean bag from Bliss snuggle around you as you relax after a long day. This lounger is large so that you can move your body into almost any position. The scratch-resistant cover is waterproof and UV protected, so you can take it by the pool or keep it in your home cinema or living room. With a vast range of colors to choose from, you will find something that perfectly matches your home decor.

4. Big Joe Smartmax Milano Bean Bag Chair

For those after a bean bag that’s made to last, you can’t go past the Smartmax Milano by Big Joe. This sturdy and reliable seat offers resilient wear without sacrificing on comfort. Move from the bedroom to the living room in an instant, thanks to its handy handle. The covers are double stitched so that it will keep its shape even after years of use. The UltimaX filling contours to your body shape, providing hours of pure support on your joints. Choose from a wide selection of colors that best suit your home decor – you can’t have just one!

5. Chill Sack 5 ft Bean Bag Chair

For those who love to chill in style, this bean bag is for you. It’s five feet in size, so it’s big enough to share with a friend, or for you to immerse yourself. Watch your favorite movie, play video games, or have a relaxing drink with friends and enjoy the ultimate comfort this chair provides. It’s covered in soft microfiber material – once you get yourself comfortable, you’ll never want to get up again!

6. Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair

There are regular bean bags, and then there’s the Moon Pod. This revolutionary seat features high-density beads and mimics the sensation of Floatation Therapy. This state of the art lounger can instantly help reduce signs of anxiety and pressure on your joints, and the sleek designs sure to fit perfectly amongst your decor. Choose from five chic colors to suit your style and watch as it becomes the most popular spot in your home.

7. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Hang out with your friends and feel at home with the Chill Sack lounger. This bean bag is oversized so you can sit with someone in pure comfort. Filled with shredded memory foam, it’s super soft and highly durable so you can keep yourself feeling secure while it maintains its shape. The microfiber cover can easily be machine washed and is stain resistant, so you can enjoy a movie night without worrying about the furniture. Its double stitching creates extra durability for use, so you can truly relax and unwind with ultimate support.

8. CordaRoy Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Invite your friends around and have a night worth remembering, thanks to CordaRoy Chenille bean bags. Not only is this a super relaxing seat, but it instantly folds out into a bed for guests. Remove the cover, and you’re ready to sleep in pure luxury – the foam filling is soft and comfortable for anyone to catch some Zs. No matter if you’re having a sleepover or someone has decided to stay the night, this is the perfect go-to portable bed that matches any decor.

9. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair

The humble bean bag is the perfect addition to any room, and the Sofa Sack makes for the best option. Unlike traditional seats, this chair is filled with memory foam instead of beans, making it super comfortable every time you take a seat. The extra soft material covering feels luxurious on your skin, and thanks to its large size, you can wiggle around and get comfortable in an instant. Choose from a wide variety of colors to best suit your home – it will be a welcome addition to any room!

10. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

From the kid’s room to the home cinema, the Big Joe bean bag is just what you need to complete a space. The stain-resistant and durable fabric is easy to clean, and the classic form is extra comfortable to relax into. The fluffy bean filling is lightweight and conforms to your body, meaning you can stay relaxed without sinking into the floor. When you need to add more shape, you can easily refill it to your preference. With the added security of the Big Joe safety locks, you can feel sound and secure, ready for a full night of fun!

11. Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

Grab the popcorn and a drink, get cozy and enjoy the comfort of the Jaxx Cocoon. This oversized crash pad is multi-positional, so you can sit up, lie down, and feel at home within seconds. The micro-suede cover is luxurious to the touch – it’s also machine washable and is removable if you need to clean it. It is the perfect option for a home cinema, basement, or bedroom – the multi-density polyurethane foam will conform to your body shape for ultimate relaxation.

12. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair

Stop the spread of lumpy seats and say hello to ultimate comfort with the Cozy Sack bean bag chair. This lounger features CertiPUR-US foam, which is light and devoid of any uncomfortable lumps. Grab your family and friends, and all gather on the oversized seat – it’s also a great idea to snag this space to yourself. Easily match the chair with the rest of your home decor thanks to the myriad of shades – this is a timeless option for the whole family.

13. Big Joe Lux Imperial Bean Bag Chair

It looks like a chair, but it’s much better. The Lux Imperial Lounger features a durable and sturdy shape that never goes flat, thanks to its dense shredded Fuf foam filling. You can easily match the bean bag with the rest of your home decor, thanks to its five color options. Grab and go from one room to another with ease – it’s the ideal addition to your living room, home cinema, or even a kid’s room.

14. Nobildonna Corduroy Bean Bag Chair

Are you ready to enjoy premium comfort? This corduroy bean bag is a size perfect for kids and adults and is an excellent option for a bedroom, home cinema, or any place in the home. The thick, luxurious fabric is sturdy and comes in a wide variety of shades to best suit your taste. The added handle at the top of the lounger allows you to grab and take the chair any place you like. Fill the bag with the filling of your choice, and you’ll have the perfect finishing touch to any room.

15. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Catch up with your friends and be surrounded in luxurious comfort with this oversized bean bag. Seven-and-a-half feet in size, you can fit up to three buddies on this lounger, or keep the whole space to yourself. Spend the afternoon gaming in style, or binge-watch your favorite TV shows without feeling the need to fluff the seat back up. The shredded foam contours to your body shape without going flat so that you can remain in serious relaxation-mode for hours on end.