Pretty bedroom ideas are perfect for giving your space a lovely (and quick) summer update. We're talking crisp white bedding, pretty floral prints, and light drapes that float in through open windows. Whether you like a rustic vibe in your bedroom or after something with more of an edge, pretty decor works with any style and there are so many easy ways to bring it into your current space. So if you are looking for some simple ways to give your bedroom a seasonal refresh, we have plenty of beautiful bedroom ideas to get you inspired...

1. Pick a fresh vibrant color scheme

Pretty bedroom ideas, aren't all about muted colors and soft florals. If you like a color scheme that packs a bit more of a punch, be inspired by this master bedroom and pair vibrant blues, turquoise, and pinks for a palette that feels pretty but bold too.

And note the cozy seating area in this bedroom too. Adding a small space to relax can be a lovely addition to a larger bedroom and gives an elegant feel to the space. 'A lovely occasional chair or small sofa can really elevate the bedroom and turn it into a luxurious sanctuary. Create a little seating area to cozy up in, and accessorize with a softly lit table lamp.' says Victoria Atkin, founder of Atkin and Thyme.

'Select matching bedside tables that boast warm and delicate designs. Not only are they handy storage areas for night-time essentials, but they draw the eye and coordinate the room, giving it a feeling of boutique-hotel chic. Top with a pretty floral arrangement and a book of choice!'

2. Pick a metallic wallpaper to bounce around light

A metallic wallpaper might sound a bit intense for a pretty bedroom, but just look how this gorgeous subtle silver bedroom wallpaper by de Gournay bounces light around the space. It gives the quite traditional print a more contemporary edge too.

With a more statement wallpaper like this, keep the rest of the room really minimal with a monochrome color palette so the print can be the focus. And interest to the rest of the room with texture instead, as with this beautiful matelassé style embossed bedspread.

3. Go for a calming cottage vibe

Vintage decor gives a pretty bedroom instant personality, introducing dainty shapes, prints, and colors. And vintage can still look fresh and modern as this space proves, keep the walls simple and pale, and mix in some contemporary pieces along with second-hand finds for a stylish eclectic look.

'There are many different styles of vintage including French, which is soft, rustic, and inspired, with vintage French style furniture, painted floorboards and soft pastel tones on the walls. Or there is country-style vintage, which includes soft, pastel blues, delicate floral wallpapers, country-style furniture, weathered floorboards, and rustic accessories.' says Scarlett Blakey, Creative Partner of Ophelia Blake Interior Design.

'Once you have selected the style, it’s time to think Maximalist. Introduce contrasting prints with soft paint colors that complement each other, and painted floorboards.'

4. Think about lighting

'Lighting is key to creating your inviting, cozy interior. In a pretty bedroom, this should be soft with ambient style bulbs and nothing too harsh. Fabric lamp shades with tassels are a great way to achieve this look!' advises Scarlette. So opt for warm bulbs and soft shades that will gently disperse light around the room. And make sure you layer your lighting too and have plenty of different sources.

We love this pretty pink pendant light which gives off a lovely rosy glow, making this pink bedroom even more inviting of an evening.

5. Give soft pinks a lift with vibrant red

Red and pink are a contemporary, on-trend combo that works really well in pretty bedrooms. Inject just a touch of grey to make this scheme feel slightly more sophisticated and grown-up.

A combination of pink and grey with a shot of deep rouge in this master bedroom feels soft and inviting but with a fresh, modern edge. A nice twist on the classic pink and grey bedroom schemes we see so much of.

6. Pick a pretty floral headboard

Florals are synonymous with pretty bedroom ideas, but there are more ways to bring them in than with wallpaper or bedding, a floral headboard can add a lovely focal point without overwhelming the room or making it feel too busy.

'Florals are one of the most popular prints to use in a pretty vintage bedroom, but think about how you can introduce it into different features around the room. In one of our latest projects, for example, we used a vintage-inspired floral fabric to create a headboard.' advises Scarlett.

The headboard in the bedroom of this small maximalist apartment was the starting point of the whole room's colorful and eclectic scheme. The homeowner, interior design Cath Beckett, fell in love with the cheery tulip print after a visit to the Svenskt Tenn showroom.

7. Go for moody florals

And florals don't always have to be quaint in pastel hues either, a dark and moody floral design can be just as pretty but gives more depth to a room and give it a more gothic feel. Go all over with these deep hues for a really enveloping feel that works particularly well in small bedrooms, and bring in accents of a contrasting color, as can be seen here with the mustard yellow, to give those darker shades a lift.

8. Create an eclectic look with vintage finds

Make a bed the focus of a pretty bedroom by choosing an antique with loads of lovely details. Remember when looking for antique pieces, look out for shapes and styles you love rather than any colors of fabrics going on – you can always paint or reupholster to suit your style. This French find was reupholstered in a more contemporary deep blue velvet which looks gorgeous layered with the muted green walls.

9. Pair soothing blues with dark wood

Pale blue is a lovely color for pretty bedrooms, is soft, calming and create a lovely serene vibe. To contrast those lighter hues, and to give a more modern twist, pair with dark woods and black accents. This blue bedroom takes a more minimalist approach, with the blue paneled walls adding a traditional feel, but the clean lines and contemporary furnish keep it looking fresh and chic.

10. Wallpaper your furniture for a quick pretty update

Pink and gold is such a pretty combination, soft yet elegant, it works in rooms of any size and can suit any style too. Be inspired by this bedroom, and get creative with wallpaper – instead of just sticking to walls, a splash of pattern by wallpapering your furniture (wardrobes and chest of drawers work best) as can be seen in this master bedroom. The wallpaper is Gucci's gorgeous Heron print.

How can you decorate a pretty bedroom?

The easiest way to decorate a pretty bedroom is to shop second-hand – vintage finds and quirky antiques bring in interesting shapes, textures and add an eclectic feel to a space. And don't be afraid to mix styles either, even if your tastes are more contemporary try mixing in some vintage pieces, or a vintage print, the contrast of old and new always creates interesting spaces.

What are the best colors for a pretty bedroom?

In a pretty bedroom is to choose a subtle color palette – think creamy whites, pale greys, muted pinks, sky blues, and pale greens. These gentle colors will instantly create a calming, serene space. But pretty doesn't always mean light and airy, deep jewel tones like navy, plum, and forest green can create cocooning spaces that look beautiful when filled with bold florals and dramatic vintage furniture.