Looking for luxury bedroom ideas? Because, really, who doesn't want their bedroom to feel like they are sleeping in a five-star hotel every night? And yes, luxury can mean huge beds, a bath tub in the room, an ensuite with a waterfall shower, but it can also mean nice bedding, no clutter, fresh flowers by the bed, a lovely scent. Making your bedroom feel luxurious doesn't have to mean a remodel or even spending loads of money if your just looking for an elegant refresh.

So to get you inspired, we've pulled together lots of luxury bedrooms that you can pinch plenty of bedroom ideas from – from the big spendy things to the little updates...

1. Add a four poster bed

Nothing says luxury like a four-poster, as this beautiful pink bedroom in a colorful family home proves. And despite being cumbersome a four-poster can work in any size of bedroom (so long as your ceilings are tall enough). In a small bedroom, they add a luxuriously cozy feel and in a large space you have that classic loftiness and elegance.

2. Bring a bathtub into the bedroom

And if you've got the space a four-poster bed and a freestanding bathtub? Well, you never need go on holiday again. And while a tub the bedroom may sound luxurious, it can actually be a practical choice too if you have a small ensuite that can't squeeze in a bath.

Obviously, you will have to consider plumbing, but positioning a bath in the window or at the end of the bed are the most popular options and can guarantee that hotel feel.

3. Disguise your storage

Bedroom storage is an essential in any bedroom, but if you want your space to feel extra luxurious, hiding clutter behind doors is a good option. Opt for floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets for a seamless look that won't protrude into the room, or take note from this luxury bedroom and hide storage behind beautifully paneled walls.

4. Don't shy away from bold colors

There's a tendency when creating serene, luxury, hotel inspired spaces to go neutral with the color palette. And we get it, white is a classic and always feel luxurious, but bold color just hits different and creates spaces that feel more daring and more expensive.

The orange and blue combination in this bedroom feels wild, but there's an elegance here too with the mix of patterns and the grey walls keep it from falling on the wrong side of maximalism.

5. Give the space a focal point

Bedroom wallpaper is another really simple update you could do to your space to add a luxurious touch. We know feature walls aren't the trend du jour they used to be but we think in a bedroom, on the main wall they can really work to add a focal point to the room, without overwhelming it. That being said, if you have a large room we would say forget the feature wall and just go all over with the pattern.

6. Have fun upcycling old find

Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint to make a room more striking. This vintage bed has been painted many times by the homeowners on this dramatic manor house apartment (seriously, if you love maximalist go and take the tour) and this zingy neon orange is perfect for brightening up the grey color scheme. Plus it's unexpected, which we always think makes a bedroom feel more luxurious.

7. Zone a luxury bedroom with Crittall-style partitions

Lucky enough to have an adjoining dressing room or even an ensuite? Rather than box off that room with a solid wall, potentially making it feel cramped, choose a Crittall Style screen instead. Very luxury hotel, plus it means you get more natural light in both rooms.

8. Keep it clean and simple

Clean lines, clear floor space and clutter-free, the simplicity of this bedroom is what makes it feel luxurious. Again, something you can do to your current bedroom right now is to have a declutter, we promise it will instantly add a hint of luxury just make sure all surfaces are clean and clear – not a contact lens or a phone wire in sight. Some fresh flowers on the bedside table will help too.

9. Choose an opulent headboard

Much like a four-poster bed, a headboard can add a really luxurious vibe to a bedroom. Just a velvet upholstered button-back number can add comfort and elegance. But take it one further and go for something really fabulous and bespoke.

At first glance, the sumptuous green velvet looks like a headboard, while in fact the whole wall has been upholstered to frame the bed. It wraps around fitted shelves, adding color, glamour and drama.

10. Switch out your bedding for something luxurious

Plush pillows and insanely soft and silky bedding is a must when creating a luxury bedroom, and these switches go a long way when transforming an everyday bedroom into something that feels more special. Pick bedding that has a high thread count, and pick a material that's natural, breathable, and soft. Then pile up the pillows (three is our preferred number for that plush hotel look) and add some throw cushions too.