When you just need a sink you have the top cover on and go about your business. When you need to take a bath (in a cramped fetal position), you remove your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, brush, soap, etc., etc. from the top and set it aside. Presto- a bath. Now I'm all about the space saving design and minimal water consumption associated with this thing, but I have one concern.

Everything you wash down the sink is going to be waiting for you when you remove the top for a bath. Toothpaste, spit, nail polish remover, even urine. Now I don't take baths, I only shower, but I can't imagine who would like bathing in such nastiness. My girlfriend would flip the f out. Little does she know I always pee in the shower. But that's what she gets for letting herself go. A petite Addition to Your Bath [yankodesign]